New MyNewPlace Mobile Website Product for Property Managers

MyNewPlace Announces Mobile Website Product for Property Marketers

Effective Lease-Generating Mobile Website Based on Proven Design

Is your apartment rental company receiving leads through mobile channels? Could you be generating more? Today MyNewPlace is launching Mobile Portal, a mobile-optimized website solution for its growing Marketing Services product line.  Our enormous site traffic  provides us with a unique ability to test property marketing website designs – and we are constantly trying to find ways to generate more leads in simpler, more sophisticated ways. The new Mobile Portal design alone has been tested from a pool of over a million visits and tens of millions of page views on MyNewPlace’s mobile site. “Over 15 percent of apartment seekers are using a mobile device today and the growth is accelerating,” said Steven Pollock, VP of product management at MyNewPlace.  “We expect over 50 percent of apartment seekers to be using a mobile device by 2014, making a mobile-optimized website a critical part of the mix for apartment marketers.”

So what exactly is Mobile Portal and how does it work? Mobile Portal features sophisticated mobile device detection – which enables it to provide a distinctly different and tailored mobile experience depending on the capabilities of the visitor’s phone. iPhones, Androids and other smart phones experience a product that feels like an app – without any installation required. Blackberries and older smart phones experience a more simplified treatment stylewise, but still receive the same information. Likewise older phones experience an even more basic treatment – with clearly visible and accessible information.

Key features and benefits include high speed delivery, tiered availability packages, built in SEO, individual customization, and instant implementation that works with any existing website. For more information and press contact, please check out our press release!

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