New Ideas for Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner! If you celebrate it, you’ve surely enjoyed your fair share of Easter egg successes…or failures.  I was never that good at the classic vinegar dye, but I love the tiny works of art that you can create. One of my oldest friends posted this lovely blog entry about the best eggs she’s seen this season, and inspired me to find the best DIY at-home egg options.  If you’re looking for new takes on this classic craft, look no further.


Golden Egg


I think that these is such a creative take on the classic golden egg.  On this craft blog, the author lays out a step-by-step process for gilding… and has some incredible pictures of her own projects.


String Eggs


Martha Stewart’s string-wrapped eggs look so easy and so colorful.

Yarn Eggs


If you don’t want to deal with hard-boiling eggs at all, you can opt for this version using yarn and…balloons!

Chicken and the Egg



Well, Martha Stewart solves the age-old question: The chicken and the egg came together! I love the cartoonish look of these birds, and the fact that you can turn an egg into a chicken. If you’d prefer to make a cow or a ladybug instead, Martha gives you instructions for those, too.


Egg Planters


I couldn’t image a better (or more appropriate) Easter centerpiece. Plus, the small eggs really highlight delicate spring blooms.


Do you have some creative egg ideas that we’ve missed?  Tell us here or on Facebook!




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