Apartment Search Redefined: MyNewPlace Style


Are you a renter that cringes at the likes of a Craigslist apartment ad?  Do you get fed up with the same old apartment listing sites?  If so, then we have a makeover for you.  It’s about time that MyNewPlace transforms from caterpillar into butterfly.

MyNewPlace's New Home Page

I know some of you are thinking “don’t change, we enjoy the nostalgic feel to MyNewPlace”.  Yes, there are collectors out there who value Soviet era websites, but it’s time for the apartment industry to do better.  The truth is our site, MyNewPlace, has been in need of a new wardrobe and hairstyle for the last few years.  It’s time to rethink our Members Only listing pages, ho-hum list style view of apartments, and lack of responsive anything.  MyNewPlace has been screaming for a lot more than a new coat of paint.  Even our logo was represented technology of the past, a mouse with a cord.

MyNewPlace's New Logo

Well, the time has come for MyNewPlace to come out of the shadows and become a unique, and relevant service for apartment renters.  Our team has been working tirelessly for months on rebuilding MyNewPlace from the ground up.  This isn’t just painting the façade and replacing the shag carpet.  Our new site is more comparable to a tear down.  We’re rolling out a new architecture (for you tech geeks it’s on a Scala Play framework), new user experience, and a new interactive approach to help renters find and enjoy their new home.

MyNewPlace's Interactive Header

Our team is very excited to introduce the “new” MyNewPlace not only to our renters, but also our apartment communities and management companies.  Keep coming back to MyNewPlace over the next few weeks (and the remainder of your life), and watch as our site changes before your eyes.  Make sure to check us out either on your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phones.

Mobile Apartment Search Options

We encourage feedback, tell us what you love and hate with what we’re doing.   We sincerely hope you enjoy the “new” MyNewPlace, and help us transform into a better solution for the renter.

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