MyNewPlace Reaches Out to College Students

Not to patronize college students, as we pride ourselves on a certain adolescent ebullience here at MyNewPlace, but college students can typically use all the help they can get when trying to find off-campus apartments.

Many college students are faced with the prospect of living alone for the first time and it can be a challenge to keep everything running smoothly, especially a living situation. Also, many large state schools and universities that are located in cities, do not guarantee on-campus housing and many students are stuck with the task of seeking out an apartment that meets their sometimes very specific needs in a sometimes very crowded market.

Our apartments search engine can be adjusted to show results that are relevant to students and is a great way to conduct an organized apartment search. So what does your average off-campus college student want? Here’s what we think is important for student apartments:

  • 3+ Bedrooms offer friends a chance to live communally to cut costs as well as to entertain an agreeable caliber of social activities.
  • Proximity to campus is also a major concern as it is more than a place to attend class; it is a major hub for many parts of a student’s life.
  • In lieu of being close to campus, free and easy parking at an apartment complex is a key feature, as students often commute to campus more than twice a day.
  • Laundry. If you think that you have invented a new kind of drycleaning by putting all your clothes in trunk and then lighting incense inside, guess again.

Let us know what you collegiate folk out there are looking for in an apartment. We would love to hear your stories, tips and any feedback on your experiences using MyNewPlace for your apartment search.

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