MyNewPlace PINK UPDATE: $100k Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaign

On January 12th, 2011, we announced our MyNewPlace PINK Campaign in partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). While the lucky and healthy among us perhaps only hear about this devastating illness during October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – there are those of us (including many at MyNewPlace) for whom breast cancer is a closer and much more constant reality. We decided to help fight this illness by funding research for a cure through the BCRF, and are reaching out to our community at large to help us raise 100k in 2011.

We realize times are tight, and for many personal donations are not necessarily always an option. Thus, our fundraising campaign works this way:

If you are a client, property manager or leasing agent: Simply go to your listing on If yours is a participating property (most are!) there will be a pink ribbon on your listing. Click this pink ribbon and you will see the following screen:

You can print your listing and fax it in, and VOILA! MyNewPlace will donate $10 to the BCRF.

If you are looking for an apartment: We will donate for each and every property you visit, provided you click the pink ribbon on each apartment you want to visit, print the form, and bring it along. This form will also have property information such as address and phone number on it. Visiting 5 properties? Bring your form – we will donate $50!

We will also remind you with an email.

We have raised quite a bit of money to date – but we need to raise more. Still curious? Click here for more information.

Did you donate? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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