MyNewPlace Announces RentEngine Marketing Solutions at NAA!

Note: has since joined RealPage’s family of websites offering property management software solutions and professional property based site-building services.

Today Multifamily Technology Solutions, parent company of announced RentEngine Marketing Solutions, a family of smart, easy and complete marketing services and tools designed for the multifamily industry.  RentEngine provides a full suite of web marketing services – including websites with search engine optimization services, property distribution and posting, social marketing services, lead tracking, and marketing spend analytics.  RentEngine solutions will enable customers to generate leads more cost effectively through a combination of expertise and technology. You can read on or watch a brief and fun tutorial right here!

RentEngine (watch video)

Less Technology Hassle, More Results. Property Management Companies face a bewildering and growing number of internet and mobile marketing opportunities.  Taking advantage of these opportunities today requires a number of skill sets that are difficult and expensive to develop and manage internally.  RentEngine Marketing Solutions addresses those needs with a set of comprehensive programs, which require fewer in-house skills and less in-house work:

  • Property Website Marketing – including website design and hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click search engine marketing campaigns (SEM), and Place page setup & optimization – for both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Social Marketing – including Facebook & Twitter page set-up, search widgets, posting campaigns.
  • Social Reputation Monitoring – including reviews from, Yelp, Google Places and other key review sites.
  • Listing Distribution – marketing of properties to visitors on a wide range of web sites.
  • Craigslist Marketing – Campaign set-up services including writing and template design, and tune-up services designed to optimize Craigslist results while remaining fully compliant with Craigslist terms of use.
  • “True Cost” Marketing Spend Analysis – a new service and product already used by over 1,000 properties to learn the true cost of each lease by marketing channel.

Deep Industry Knowledge and Experience. The RentEngine marketing service team is lead by the folks who built into a leading ILS through cost-effective internet marketing.  The team is skilled at multifamily marketing, internet marketing, and leading edge technology development.  The RentEngine marketing optimization process is based on years of metrics-driven optimization and a track record of continually lowering traffic costs.  Metrics-driven optimization relies on consumer behavior data – and results – as opposed to opinion and guesswork.

Exclusive Ability to Leverage Commercial ILS Platform and Traffic. RentEngine Marketing Solutions are based on statistically proven designs tested on’s 4 million monthly visitors.  Plus, RentEngine solutions leverage the same high speed infrastructure, resulting in faster websites, mobile sites, and landing pages – which improve conversion rates.  (See:  MyNewPlace Is Fastest Apartment Website According to Google’s New Page Speed Tool).

Comprehensive, Multifamily-designed Technology. The new RentEngine Marketing Center is designed to drive quantitative marketing benchmarks out of the box by building on top of a rich, multifamily specific data model and proven campaign and channel tracking techniques.  The RentEngine Marketing Center supports:

  • A Unified Dashboard – A web-based dashboard brings together campaign tools, campaign monitoring, channels, and lead management. Marketing Center has a multi-faceted design, suitable for both regional/corporate marketing professionals and property managers/leasing agents. This makes it easy to see what’s happening at anytime.
  • Unlimited “Channels” (sources) – RentEngine manages leads from channels including ILSs (like,, etc.), Craigslist, property websites, social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), free distribution networks (like Vast, HotPads, etc.), and even print channels (signage, printed brochures, etc.).
  • Campaign Tracking – Enables tracking of various campaigns across supported channels. Provides an easy method to see all active marketing at a glance.
  • Lead Management – The RentEngine Lead Manager supports managing leads from multiple sources with phone lead recording, email response generation, lead alerts, and lead activity reporting.
  • Community Websites, Mobile Portal and Resident Portals – Complete website solutions designed for high conversion rates.
  • Craigslist Posting – Campaign design, development, management and optimization with a complete Posting Suite
  • TrueCostTM Marketing Spend Reporting – Unique to RentEngine is the ability to track leads by channel and actual cost through to leases in your Property Management System.

“RentEngine Marketing Solutions represent a leap forward in providing customers with the power of analytic marketing in the real estate world,” said John Helm, president and CEO of Multifamily Technology Solutions.  “I’ve met with hundreds of property marketers who struggle with the complexity of marketing through dozens of different channels and trying to leverage site staff as a marketing arm.  Now we can provide a complete solution to those marketers.”

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