Moving In With Your Significant Other? Read This First!

Moving in with a partner is, excuse the platitude, an important and sometimes intimidating step.  It’s not something to be taken lightly, and, ideally, not a decision to reach for purely financial reasons.  Although we know you really love your Teddy Poo, it can’t hurt to consider the following before taking the plunge.

Make space for yourself

Although you can’t get enough of each other now, that will likely change. (It’s called “the honeymoon’s over.”) Even if, now, you never spend the night at your own, lonely apartment, you still have the option to—and that can make all the difference.  Once you’re living together, it can feel like you never have time or space to yourself, and unless you’re the most extreme of extroverts, that feeling can wear on the relationship.  Plan ahead of time where and when you can be alone; it will make your mutual time that much sweeter.

Make space for all your stuff, too

Keeping the love alive is a lot harder when you’re climbing over boxes of your partner’s vintage Barbies on the way to the shower.  There are two of you now; you probably need twice as much space as before, and luckily, there are twice as many of you paying for rent.  If at all possible, steer clear of closet-sized apartments; you’ll be happier for it.

Make conversation

We hate to put a damper on your cohabitating bliss, but the first fight is probably just around the corner. That’s okay—friction is natural, and you can learn a lot from it as long as you don’t let your issues fester. Communicate with your partner about things that bother you, or needs that aren’t being met.  Hopefully, you’ll both become more flexible and aware, and you can boast to all your friends about how well you know each other. Remember, too, that part of communicating is knowing when to keep quiet.  It’s his choice to wear SpongeBob pajamas, and telling him he looks like a doofus doesn’t help anyone.

Make sure you’re really in love

You know that feeling in the beginning of a relationship when your significant other can do no wrong?  When the way she slurps Cheerios is adorable, and snoring sounds like a symphony of attraction?  If you don’t know this feeling, watch out.  That initial, irrational tolerance for each other’s quirks will go a long way towards making mornings and midnights pleasant.  If you’re already feeling irritated, living together will only magnify it tenfold.

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