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Autumnn Darden

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Autumnn Darden of!

It’s a new year and a new decade, and that means new beginnings. Whether you’re switching career paths, moving closer to family, or just want a change of scenery, now is a great time to move. Summer is when the moving industry hits its peak; making the next few months perfect for planning a springtime move to beat the rush. As you consider your options, keep in mind these 3 states that have been in the news lately—they have a lot to offer!

I’m kicking off this list with Wisconsin. The state’s capital city, Madison, was named the most secure metro area to live in for 2010, according to a Farmers Insurance study. Safety and security are likely at the top of everyone’s list, no matter if you’ll be moving solo or with a large family. What’s more, the unemployment rate in Wisconsin is nearly two points lower than the national average, making job hunting much easier. With statistics like that, what’s not to like about Wisconsin?

Madison, WI

Any moving company can tell you that Texas has always been a popular destination for relocating. The fact that WalletPop named Austin, TX the “Best All-Around City” to move to in 2011 only reinforces that fact! Texas is known for having a few college towns, big cities, and several suburban neighborhoods, as well as having a stable job market.

Dallas Texas

According to the most recent reports, California home sales are up, but prices are down. If you’re looking to buy, this is great news! It’s also good for those looking to rent, as more apartments and condos will become available as tenants move into newly purchased homes. California offers housing for a wide range of lifestyles—from big city living to suburbia—with plenty of activities, attractions, and SUN to go around.

golden gate bridge

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