Move in Secrets

Hello everyone! It’s another MyNewPlace Friday–where we tell you about our real-life apartment challenges. My name is Ruskin, and I just started as a member of the Marketing Department at MyNewPlace; I moved to San Francisco and into a new apartment just four days before that!  My boss thought it would be perfect for me to share some of my move in tips and secrets; I hope they can make the move in process easier for all of you, whether you’re moving all the way across the country or just to the other side of the street.

Step 1: read our article on how to make yourself a competitive renter, so you can woo your landlord and sign the lease on your dream apartment.

Assemble Your Furniture First!

It doesn’t matter whether you move into a studio the size of a closet or a penthouse overlooking Central Park– you’re in for trouble if you move your furniture in last. Furniture is the largest and bulkiest thing you’re going to move, so you want to make sure you have as much space as possible when you bring it in.  If you went the Ikea route (like so many of us do!), then go ahead and set some time aside to put together that coffee table.  PS: One or two extra isn’t anything to sweat over.

Also, furniture is heavy! Sure, you’ve spent a lot of time at the gym, but that couch you’ve had since sophomore year of college isn’t going to get any lighter by floor five of that seven story walk up you just moved in to.  If you have a lot of stuff, consider using a moving service or test out some of these bad boys!

Clean and Dust Everything!

Despite all the hard work of your landlord did to clean the place up for open houses, a thousand footsteps of prospective renters have dirtied nearly every surface visible.  Cleaning isn’t going to get any easier with furniture, electronics, and books strewn about your apartment.  Take this time to start cleaning from the top of the room to the bottom and test out your floors for any rough patches.

Craigslist All Your Moving Boxes!      

So now you’re looking at a living room worthy of an interior design magazine… until you see that pile of moving boxes in the corner.  Don’t worry, there are thousands of people who want them (remember how much you did a couple of weeks ago?).  Post a picture of the moving boxes you don’t need anymore, along with brief contact information. In no time, you’ll be clutter-free and on your way to enjoying your new home to its full potential!

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