Mobile Apps Make Apartment Searching AND Living Easier

Snow Conant and Leroy Brown

Yesterday, Archstone announced the release of its long-awaited Android app, myArchstone.  A follow-up to their similar iPhone App, myArchstone “is designed specifically to make apartment living easier.” Archstone “filled it (the new Android app) with convenient functionality that empowers residents to pay their rent, view their entire account history, submit and track service requests and contact community management from the palms of their hands from anywhere they get cell phone data service or a WiFi connection.”

Android and iPhone app screenshots

Archstone’s release of a mobile app geared toward the apartment community is yet another sign of the importance of the mobile marketplace for those both living in and searching for apartments. Are the days of scanning a newspaper and mailing a check for finding an apartment and ultimately paying rent slowly drawing to a close? Full disclosure: I still mail a check every month when I pay my rent. But I found my apartment using mobile technology and if I could pay my rent using an iPhone app, I totally would. Matter of fact, if we could make check-writing a completely obsolete process, I could get behind that too!

Make Your Apartment Search Easier With MyNewPlace Mobile Apartment Search Apps

MyNewPlace has Apartment Searching Apps for both iPhone and Android. Functionality includes:

  • Finding nearby apartments using GPS-based search
  • Mapping listings, getting directions, and calling or emailing properties directly
  • Taking photos and jotting down notes on your favorite apartments
  • Sharing listings instantly with friends and family on Facebook

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