MNP for MVP: Tools and Tricks to Get Into the Endzone

The stress of moving can take over your life as finding your ideal apartment becomes an obsession as you move across the playing field yard by yard. Each step brings on a new obstacle, with defensive players seemingly thwarting your every move. You may find a place that suits every one of your needs, but then you learn it will not suit your pet’s needs and you need to start back at yard one. Make a first down when you use MyNewPlace to find your new home and take advantage of all the site has to offer to get to the end zone before the clock runs out.



Search for your City on MyNewPlace

Choose a city and start searching through everything the area has to offer. If you want an area where you can walk to work, you will find Walk Scores® for cities, towns, villages, and districts throughout the United States. If you would rather sit down on the sidelines and relax when you travel, Transit Scores® abound so you know just how easy it is to hop on the bus or train to get around town and into surrounding areas for work, play, or both. You will even learn without even having to make a phone call if your four-legged friend is welcome in your dream apartment or if the search for that Super Bowl of a new residence needs to continue. If you have a question needing a quick answer, contact apartment managers and leasing agents directly with an easy-to-fill-out form located on every listing page.


When the clock starts counting down and you do not have much time left to find that perfect abode, we make it easy with handy search features and a drop down menu that filter rental high prices and low prices, depending on your budget and your tastes. Want a luxury highrise with all the amenities of club seating? Well, you will find it on our pages. Quaint garden apartments and cozy studios abound on every search, as do perfect townhomes for family living.


Need help with your move? Pay a visit to our moving resources page where you can find a host of moving tools to get you started on finding someone to transport all that furniture without draining your wallet. From cost quotes on both long and short distance moves to packing tips so everything gets to the end zone all in one piece, MyNewPlace is your one-stop-moving-shop to help set you up on a new journey through life. Even if you want to move yourself without the help of professionals, we will show you how. Rent your own truck, pack it up with your lifelong treasures, and take to the open road till you score that residential touchdown in a brand new home.


Your new place is easy to find with MyNewPlace, so become a season ticket holder and take advantage of the many privileges that come with being a member of the one site that will get you living the life you always dreamed of in a home to call your own.

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