MyNewPlace CTO And Co-founder Heading In A New Direction…On His Bike

If MyNewPlace weren’t already proud of our efforts to raise money for breast cancer, we now have one more reason to feel good about our role in the community:  our co-founder and former CTO Ken Cluff recently announced he is riding in Climate Ride California 2011.

The ride is 320 miles over five days, a scenic (and perhaps grueling) route between Eureka and our hometown of San Francisco.  Each night, speakers will address the 125+ riders on issues relating to climate change—everything from renewable energy to bicycle.  Ken aims to raise $2800 by the ride’s start on October 2nd; proceeds from his ride will go to some of his favorite charities:  Rails to Trails Conservancy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, East Bay Bicycle Coalition, and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.  This year Climate Ride expects to generate almost a quarter million dollars in grants for the organizations it benefits.

As he writes on his Climate Ride page, Ken feels especially deeply about this cause, especially when “looking at my kids and thinking about the world we’re leaving for them.  The chance to do something, no matter how small, to make that world better is what inspires me and will get me through the challenges of the ride.” After dedicating years contributing to the success of MyNewPlace, Ken is now enjoying the opportunity to give back—and it’s not the first time he’s dedicated himself to serving the community.  Recently, he participated in Ride for a Reason, a 100 mile one-day ride from Oakland to Sacramento in support of public school funding, and between his previous job at AllApartments and co-founding MyNewPlace, Ken spent several months helping construct two community-built playgrounds in Oakland.

Ken writes, “The importance of giving back to your community is something that my parents, both successful business people and entrepreneurs, have impressed deeply upon me. Building a successful business like MyNewPlace requires intense focus and dedication. When I heard about Climate Ride I knew it was how I could apply that same intensity towards making the world a better place.” His enthusiasm has motivated former and current MyNewPlace employees to donate $700 out-of-pocket to the cause.

This announcement comes on the heels of the apartment industry’s increasing support for charities.  In January 2011, MyNewPlace started MyNewPlace PINK, a $100,000 national fundraising campaign for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Other examples of the apartment industry giving back can be found here.

If you want to learn more about Ken–or donate to his ride!–check him out at

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