Maximize Your Closet Space

Spring cleaning is the time of year when you rid your home of all the unnecessary items and dust from your home. For shopaholics, it’s also the time in which you use the changing season to buy a slew of new outfits. Or in the case of neat-freaks, now’s when you might look at your stash of clothing and realize you can’t see the sundresses for the wool sweaters. Whatever your motivation, spring is just another great time to reorganize and get the most out of your closet space.


Take bulky stuff outside


A big, comfy sweatshirt can take up as muh space as five normal shirts. Isn’t there anywhere else you could stash the big stuff? Hang jackets and sweatshirts on hooks, if you have them in an entry way or on the back of the door to your room. Even sweaters can be removed and tucked into a basket or trunk. Just make sure the container is lined and won’t snag any delicate knits.


Stash out-of-season stuff


When I used to live on the coast, I virtually never changed my closet by the season, because any day could shoot up to 85 or drop down to a damp 40. But in most places, the seasons change and don’t look back for a month or two. It’s a pain to transfer all your winter things, but if you have a truly small closet, you’ll be glad for the next 6 months until you have to move them all again. This is an excellent time to bust out those vacuum-sealed bags that people are always telling you are so useful. Everything you won’t wear for half a year can get squished down to minimal size.


Use the back of the door


Typical, right? But unless the inside of your closet door is taken up by a mirror, it’s usable space. Jackets, ties, belts, hanging shoe racks…use it for something when you’re feeling pressed for storage.


Borrow from the kitchen


There are tons of great organizational ideas that you can steal from kitchen decorating. Paper towel hooks now sport scarves. A utensil rail keeps belts and ties in order. Pull-out pantry shelves can be tilted at an angle to store shoes. You can even take inspiration from the Lazy Susan rotating shelves and install circular bars for clothing, or a rotation of hanging boots, for maximum space and viewing pleasure.


Divide and conquer


One of the best ways to get more space is to divide it. If a pair of shoes only needs 6 inches, make sure it’s only taking 6, and not 8 or 10. Folded sweaters and pressed shirts also take up little space; install shelving sized for particular items, so that you can cram more of them into your now sub-divided space. Drawer dividers are also an excellent organizational tool. You actually can fit bras and underwear into one drawer if you have some way of separating them from what would otherwise be a tangle of unmentionables. Ditto for jewelry.


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