Managing Large Dogs in Small Spaces

Downsizing can be difficult, not just for you, but your pets too. This is particularly true if you have a large and rambunctious dog. There is hope though – you two can still successfully coexist together, even in a Small Apartment! Read on to find out how.

Image Credit: Golden State Hiker

Image Credit: Golden State Hiker

Get Outdoors

When you Can’t create space indoors, take your pet into the largest space of all: the great outdoors. Cavorting at the dog park and smelling new things on street corners will satisfy his curiosity and his need for exercise. This will keep your pooch happy and help you avoid those energetic bursts that often result in destructive behavior.

Provide Space

Just like an angsty teenager wants to retreat to his bedroom, your pet will benefit from having a designated space in your home where he can unwind. This separate spot will be your dog’s nest, a secure, protected spot that makes him feel safe and calm; and it will keep him out from under your feet, too.

Offer Toys

An excellent way to manage your large pet is to provide him with plenty of his own playthings. While they might create some clutter, they will keep your dog entertained and keep his boredom from morphing into destructive aggression.

Stay Organized

If you let clutter take over, you increase the chances that your big dog will mistake stray socks or stacks of books as special treats. Make extra effort to keep your space clean to reduce temptation for your pet to chew or go after things he should not.

Try Doggie Daycare

If your large dog plays well with others, take him to daycare while you are out of the house. Not only will he get to socialize and romp around, he will also get to stretch his legs with a great workout. Keeping him out of the house will also reduce his opportunities to munch on your valuables. When you both get home after a long day, he will want to cuddle rather than play.

Check out BringFido to find reliable daycare near you.

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