Make Your Home Harmonious! Intro to Feng Shui

Feng shui, which is often thought of in popular culture as the art of furniture arranging, is actually an ancient practice that attempts to improve the amount of harmony in cities, buildings and individual rooms. While there is nothing an apartment renter can do to change the physical structure of the apartment, there are plenty of ways to improve the harmony of the individual rooms in the apartment. Here are a few quick fixes that a person new to feng shui can try.

Living Room

In feng shui, the living room is the room used to entertain guests or unexpected visitors and as such should be kept clear of clutter and well-cleaned at all times. In an apartment, this room is usually used as an entertainment room as well, which is not a problem but it does mean that the clutter associated with entertainment: the video game controllers, dvds and remote controls need to be kept tidy and preferably out of sight. Arranging the furniture to promote conversation, by facing chairs towards a couch, can also help this room better for entertaining others. Hanging nice artwork and placing a few houseplants in the room can also improve the balance of the living room.


In the bedroom, less is definitely more in terms of feng shui. This room should be tranquil and calming and the more things that are in the room, the busier it is and the less rest people sleeping in the room get. Mirrors, television screens and electronics can also disrupt the peacefulness of the room and should be kept out of the bedroom if possible. Ultimately, the best feng shui design for a bedroom includes a bed and a dresser. The less activities done in the bedroom, the better.


One of the biggest principles of feng shui is the clearing out of clutter. Closets are a magnet for clutter and if you haven’t moved in a while, there’s a good chance that there are many things stored away in the closet that haven’t been used recently (and likely will never be used again). Going through the closets periodically is a great way to clear out the energy of a space and help to harmonize it. Things that aren’t being used can be given to charity or sold for some extra spending money.


If you have a home office, this is one of the places that can most benefit from a little feng shui. This space should be set up to promote productivity. Entertainment should be stored outside the home office and all the items that may be needed for work should be kept in the office. Broken items make it difficult to be productive and should be replaced or repaired promptly. In most cases, people feng shui their offices to be as open as possible. The workspace should face a direction that allows the person working to see the door as well, so that they can immediately see when another person comes into the work space.

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