How to Make a Useful Moving Inventory

If you are planning a move to Stratmoor, Colorado, you are no doubt excited about the mountain lifestyle this small community has to offer. But before you can get out and enjoy the many natural wonders in this area, including Pike’s Peak, the easternmost mountain over 14,000 feet in America, you will have to go through the process of packing up all your stuff, moving it, and unpacking it again.

Use an App

The easiest way to take inventory these days is to use a mobile app. Stratmoor may not be Silicon Valley, so having the latest technology is not important in terms of cache, but having a smartphone will let you quickly learn the terrain and weather patterns in your new mountain home. Plus, having a smartphone before you set out will allow you to make use of inventory apps like Visual Inventory, which lets you take a picture of a room in your house and tag everything, making it quick and easy to take inventory of the bigger stuff you plan on moving. If the minituae is important to you too, try an app like MyStuff2 or for the iPhone or Android, a tool which allows users to make a list of everything in their possession from appliances to kids’ toys. However, if mobile technology is  not your forte, you also have the option of completing your inventory process with computer software application such as Collectify Home Inventory for Windows or Delicious Library 2 for Mac.

Make a List

If you are making the move to Stratmoor for a quieter way of life, you may be considering leaving your smartphone behind, so apps are not an option for you. The next best option is a simple old-fashioned list. These kinds of lists can get as detailed as numbering each individual box you pack and making a list of its contents, which is helpful for unpacking because then you will not have to scramble through each individual box in order to find your hairdryer or cereal bowls the morning you are supposed to start your new job. You will be able to just look at your list, find the right box, and move on with your day.

Color-Code by Room

If you are running out of time with your move or simply cannot take the added strain of having to list everything out, consider assigning a color to the boxes and furniture you are moving to your new place based on where you want them to go. For example, if you put green tags on everything for the kitchen and blue tags on everything for the bedroom, you can then simply count up how many things are tagged with each color, and you will have quick access to that information when the moving is done.

At Least Record the Big Stuff

Organization is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you will be glad you made even the most minor effort to keep track of your belongings after it is all jumbled together in your new place. This could be particularly important if you are moving to Stratmoor from a place with lower elevation because you may be especially tired for the first few days in your new place due to the altitude change. Having a list that breaks down the number of boxes you had in addition to all the furniture and other large pieces you moved will help you quickly determine whether all your belongings actually made it to your new home in the move, allowing you to slowly adjust your body to its new environment.

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