Make the Most of Your Studio Apartment!

Don’t scoff at neutral colors

Yeah, neutral can be boring. But it’s also liberating, and keeps things from feeling too cluttered. White spaces look bigger than blood red ones; even if your style runs a bit more eccentric, you should still consider keeping the biggest parts of your space, like walls and couches, on the neutral side. You don’t have the space for an aesthetic war between your favorite vintage pieces.

Make sure your furniture size matches your apartment size

I personally require a double bed wherever I go, but that has frequently meant that I have much less floorspace than a normal person needs to get across a room. Although you might have one thing that simply must go big or go home, keep the rest of it to scale. A small apartment means smaller furniture.

Plan the space in terms of movement and breaks

You don’t want to break up your studio into little boxes, but neither do you want to sleep in your kitchen. Designate the main spaces you need, and then play with how you can keep the flow from one place to another. Movable barriers, such as screens and curtains, allow for maximum flexibility.

Double up

Anything that can be multi-use probably should be. You don’t have space for a table and a desk and a craft corner. Make a list of spaces, pieces, and functions that you’d like to have, and start consolidating them into fewer things that serve multiple purposes.

Organize the heck out of it

This is a good rule of thumb: keep it on the outside! In other words, anything that can be flush against the wall will keep it out of the way. Store less-used items under furniture, or in other convenient storage spaces. Have high ceilings? You should probably have high shelving. The second useful rule here: if you don’t need it, get rid of it. You can start hoarding again when you have a real house.

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