'Maintenance Mania' from the NAA: Is YOUR Technician A Champion?

The next time your door-hinges need fixing or your faucet is dripping, ask your technician if he is a champion…because he very well may be!

The National Apartment Association (NAA) has recently launched a website for Maintenance Mania. Sound intriguing? Maintenance Mania is a series of competitions run by the NAA for NAA affiliated technicians. Throughout the year technicians looking to have fun, sharpen their skills and win some free tools (as well as bragging rights!) compete in a series of diverse events – each one resembling a project a technician might complete in an average day on the job. These events occur all over the country and they lead up to a final National Maintenance Mania competition. Champions require not just diverse technical skills but also SPEED and a good deal of pluck.

Despite its spirit of fun and growing popularity, Maintenance Mania is no casual event. Each competition, be it local, regional, or national, hosts eight different contests of varying levels of intensity. These contests run the gamut from the ‘Seasons Ceiling Fan Installation’ to ‘Door Jam Armor Installation’. The most entertaining event concludes each competition: the Philips Race Car Competition. In this final event technicians make race cars out of maintenance supplies and race them as one would a matchbox car.

Sounds super fun, right? So why haven’t you heard of this competition before? Prior to launching their website, Maintenance Mania existed virtually under the radar. However, its success and popularity within the technician community combined with its renewed presence on social networking sites has earned the competition over 10,000 technicians and 500 spectators. Maintenance Mania competitions produce exactly the sort of content that tends to go viral – and videos, photos, and updates can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as a host of websites and blogs (like ours!).

So be sure to check out a video of Maintenance Mania on our Facebook Page or follow our link to their YouTube channel! Your technician may well hold the national record in Fluidmaster Toilet Repair or perhaps she is the champion of Carbon Monoxide Safety Installations.

Source: National Apartment Association

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