Low Maintenance House Plants For Your Apartment

Is your thumb very, very far from green? You can still improve the air quality and overall aesthetic of your apartment, provided you choose the right plant. Here are just a few ideas of many—for more, ask your local nursery staff! And always check whether a new plant might be poisonous to dogs or children.

 Add some color to your apartment with house plants

Snake Plant

The vertical leaves of this succulent are both unusual and attractive. It requires very little watering and does well in pots.

Light:  bright, natural, indirect

Water: let soil dry completely before watering

Air:  warm

Ponytail Palm

These palms grow slowly, probably because they only require watering every week or two. Get one if you’re looking for a plant life partner.

Light: bright, direct (place near window)

Water: every 7-14 days

Aloe vera is great for any rental or sun burn


Aloe is incredibly easy to care for and its leaves can be used to treat burns or minor cuts. Just remember if you break off part, it will scar (but hopefully you won’t!).

Light: bright, direct (best if kept in a window)

Water: let soil dry before watering

Cast-Iron Plant

As the name suggests, it’s very difficult to harm this plant; it will survive a huge range of temperature and light, and requires little water.

Light: low to bright, indirect (ideal light conditions are low)

Water: evenly moist spring and summer; barely moist summer and fall

Air: 45-85 degrees F

Jade Plant

A unique-looking species, jade plant sports fleshy leaves and sometimes white flowers. This plant grows slowly.

Light:  bright, partially direct

Water:  let soil dry slightly before watering

Air: 65-75 degrees F; 55 in winter


Cactus are great plants to add to any living space


There are myriad kinds of cactus, so ask for varieties at your local nursery. A great plant for small spaces and dry climates.

Light: bright, direct (south-facing windows are ideal)

Water: infrequent

Air: dry


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