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MyNewPlace Improves Craigslist ‘RentEngine’: Apartment Marketers Get More from Craigslist with New Options

We’ve all posted listings to Craigslist and are well aware that even just one post can be quite time-consuming. My parents (landlords and property managers) use Craigslist to post listings regularly and always groan about how long it takes to re-upload pictures, floor plans, and information. It probably doesn’t help that my Dad can’t type to save his life (hi Dad!) – but even if he could, keeping Craigslist updated takes regular work and a strict schedule.

Does this look familar?

MyNewPlace RentEngine is an inexpensive and clean solution to a messy Craigslist problem. MyNewPlace data indicates that listing titles containing certain information can equate to a 300 percent performance improvement over listing titles that lack it for the same properties and time period.  We have also found that  ad performance can vary by more than 500% depending on the posting time – and that there are “best” and “worst” days across different markets. With this and other research in mind, Craigslist RentEngine is designed specifically for the multifamily industry and can help substantially increase lead generation. “People who are actively using (RentEngine) love it,” says MyNewPlace Client Services Supervisor, Claire McConnell.  “It’s easy to learn, fun to use and our Relationship Specialists provide full training and support. Clients have a Posting Assistant that guides them through the process each time they want to list on Craigslist – all they have do do is follow the steps and all the posting data is there for them.”

With a comprehensive ‘List builder’ and multiple templates, RentEngine’s Posting Assistant (and dedicated sales support that provide property-level training) makes posting and re-posting easy from any existing Craigslist account. Property- and Corporate-Level dashboards make it easy to monitor performance as well as view a NEW comprehensive reporting suite that includes compliance, posting, and lead reports – as well as a range of optimization reports.

A piece of MyNewPlace’s multi-faceted ‘Manager Center’, RentEngine concisely lists Craigslist posts by property, and how many leads each property has generated.*

MyNewPlace, always a promoter of using analytical and lead-tracking data to facilitate and improve renting rates, has incorporated a new Report Suite into RentEngine.

With a new pricing model providing options for every marketing budget, RentEngine is positioned to “deliver even greater value and performance for our clients’ marketing strategies” says Steve Pollock, vice president of product management at MyNewPlace. In a turbulent rental market and questionable economy, inexpensive, high return tools like RentEngine can complement marketing at any level.

*Property names have been changed to protect the identity of MyNewPlace clients.

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