Listen Up, Property Managers! College Students Want to Find You Online

Are you advertising apartments, and want to capture the younger crowd? Then it’s time to get web-savvy. As John Kerrigan reported recently in the Multifamily Insider blog, college students increasingly eschew “traditional advertising” and turn instead to online searches when it comes time to find a new place. A nationwide survey of over 500 college students produced some interesting data that could help you decide where and how to advertise.

Here is the rundown:

-53% of students said that Google/internet searches were the most important tool they had for finding a place to live; 32% said friends’ recommendations, and 27% said parents’.

-The least important tools in helping find apartments: Facebook, student newspaper ads, online ads and promotions, and activities put on by apartment communities.

-71% of students said Google was the most important web application they use overall, and 98% use it to find online info.

-Although Facebook was listed as a “least useful tool” for initially finding a place, 78% said they would use Facebook to learn more about an apartment community that interested them.

-A majority of students never use Twitter.

In short? It’s probably worth putting some resources into being find-able online, and a Facebook page wouldn’t hurt.

(And, for those smartypants listing on OUR site, you chose right! We are always hard at work, maintaining our great Google ranking and making it easy for people to find your apartments 🙂

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