Light Up Your Apartment!

Illuminating your house as the sun goes down can be an unplanned and poorly thought out task. However, this makes for boring spaces and over and under lit spaces. Sometimes, all it takes isa few interesting lighting accents to make a drab room modern and welcoming.  We have the leisure of picking from countless creative (and sometimes ridiculous) lamp designs that can be used to light up your home!

General Lighting

General, or ambient lighting illuminates an entire space to provide both visibility and safety. It should be soft enough to allow light bounces off walls and ceilings such that it covers most of the area of the room.

1. The Omlamp:

This hybrid idea mixes the traditional omelet, and lamp.  This culinary twist on the generic overhead kitchen lighting would be perfect to hang above counter tops.



2.The Insight Energy Efficient Bulb:

Instead of the generic spiraling swirl of energy efficient bulbs, a set of these brain shaped bulbs can be hung from the ceiling in an office or library to promote studying and focus.  Every time your mind wanders, look up at the ceiling full of brains and get back to work!

insight light


3. The Balloon Wall and Ceiling Lamps:

These floating dreamland balloons would be the perfect decor to coax kids to sleep.  The translucent polyethylene material mutes the light making 1 balloon the optimal nightlight to keep monsters away!

balloon light


Task Lighting

Task, or work lighting illuminates smaller areas with greater intensity. Task light is often up to three times as bright as general lighting. Overly bright work lamps won’t make up for a dimly lit room (instead, you may develop eyestrain).

1. Light Blubs:

These globular irregular versions of the conventional light bulb will be the talking point of any room.  These unique, mutilated, dripping bulbs provide a healthy glow for reading or working at your laptop as you sit at a desk.  And you’ll want to poke it!


2. Giant Lamp:

This huge out of scale swinging arm desk lamp acts almost like a spotlight.  You can place it over any desk or sofa to provide intense amounts of lighting for any tasks you’re doing.  This brings the bouncing Pixar lamp to life!


3. Lumio Book Shaped Light: 

This versatile lamp is portable, and thus can be used as a task light in many different scenarios.  It can be set up as a cylinder or dome and is great on-the-go.



You do not need to be an expert interior designer or spend a ridiculous amount of money to make your rooms appear warm and lively.  All you need to know is it is necessary for lighting to vary in intensity to allow for the activities within a room-relaxation, entertainment, cooking, sleeping, etc.  This combination actively works together to create different moods and meanings.

Have any lighting design ideas or tips of your own?  We’d love to hear about them on Facebook!

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