Lifestyles Of The Rich And Ridiculous: September Celebrity Roundup

By MyNewPlace Dlogger And Celebrity Living Expert, Leroy Brown

Woof readers! It’s been a while since I’ve barked at you: I’ve been very busy chewing and strewing and wreaking havoc. But I’m back and ready to update you on September’s celebrity housing situation. In this issue: Family Man Will Smith, The Newly Single J. Lo, A Massively Slimmed Down¬† Jonah Hill, Power Cougar Sharon Stone,¬† and the Always Sexy Harrison Ford. We’re going to be busy today so I’ll dive right in!

On The Market: Will Smith’s NYC Apartment

Not quite a year ago, we shared with you completely non-exclusive photos of Will Smith’s NYC apartment – the palatial pad he rented while in town to Shoot Men In Black III. Well, he’s totally over that place and we hear it’s now on the market for a cool 19.5 Million Dollars. To refresh your memory, it’s THIS place. Big enough for his family, and no doubt his army of ‘helpers’ that facilitate the busy lives of a family full of stars. Want to snap it up? Call this dude.

Jennifer Lopez: Newly Single, Ready To Mingle, Buying Real Estate In The Hamptons

Rumor has it (and a brown dog is NEVER wrong) that Jennifer Lopez is closing on a “cottage” in the Hamptons for $15 Million smackeroos. Nothing cures the sting of a third divorce so much as spending a crapload of money (apparently, anyway) – and this house, while unassuming from the front facade, is not only nearly new but also spectacular when viewed from different angles. La Lopez is ready to flirt her way into Hampton society — does husband #4 live just down the street? We’ll keep you posted!

Don’t be fooled by the modest-looking outside – check out the view from the sky!

A house truly fit for a diva!!

Have you guys caught a look at Jonah Hill lately? He’s so skinny! Also, he’s moving to Tarzana, CA.

Yup, that’s right – Jonah Hill is buying his third house in as many years (at least it’s not that many marriages…J Lo, we’re looking at you!). Moving on up! The price tag is around $3 Million, which seems a bit like chump change compared to Will and J Lo – but hey, how old is this kid? 25?

Also, does somebody who clearly lives on Red Bull and vitamin pills like his new diet probably mandates REALLY need this much dining and kitchen space? Just sayin’.

Sharon Stone, power cougar and living proof that you can basically make ONE memorable movie and be famous forever, is selling her house at a loss!

If you have a spare $9 Million and are looking to splurge in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Beverly Glen, wait no more! Sharon Stone’s house is on the market, and the price has been chopped by about a Mil. It’s super private with a pool, long secluded drive, and waterfall, perfect for when you want to re-enact her old hits in without the paparazzi filming you.

Last but not least, I need to update you on the housing activities of the ONE AND ONLY Indiana Jones and his waifish wifey.

Harrison and Callista bought a house for roughly $13 Million that looks like something straight out of Cape Cod – if you combined the income of every single year-round Cape Cod resident, that is.

But let’s get to the real nitty gritty here and answer the REAL question you have on your mind: where does Indiana Jones sleep? We always deliver! Here you go – the Master Bedroom, for your viewing pleasure. I threw in the master bath and a few other rooms as a bonus, just for you.

So there you have it! Those are the most notable celebrity housing updates for the month of September, according to YOURS truly. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for next month! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to chewing and strewing.

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