Life with Charlie Brown

This week, our writer for MyNewPlace Fridays is John Brown, a member of our Client Services team.

Living in a city studio with an animal is not ideal; when that animal is an active digit can become a full-blown problem. I recently found myself in that situation, and, in my case, there was no magical fix.


For my fifteenth birthday my parents brought home a small breed terrier, and together we named him Charlie. He was a wonderful addition to our family and a true catalyst in teaching me personal responsibility. From day one, he was the sweetest dog I had ever met.  People who visited us always had the same response: “That is the greatest dog.”  He had an epic under bite that stuck way out in front of his face and he would proudly carry it around like the large arches of a crown; it gave him tremendous presence. He was very well behaved and was always ready to crawl under the blankets and snuggle. He almost never barked and he loved to play ball. If he were a character in a book, he’d be the smart athlete who never had to study. All of the girls would want to date him and the boys would try to be like him… I couldn’t ask for anything more out of a dog. Charlie is still in my life; just not how you may think.


Fast-forward seven years and you’ll find me here, living in San Francisco and working for a large technology company who’s helped house millions of people. I lead a busy city life. Charlie used to be here with me – he stayed for about a year. I would take him for 3 short walks a day but that’s about all I could do. That wasn’t nearly enough exercise for a terrier and professional dog walking in San Francisco runs about $450 a month, which was out of my limit. My delinquency was notable; it started to take a toll on Charlie and I didn’t know what I could do about it. He started to become antisocial, stopped eating regularly, and licked himself excessively.  I was putting a seven-year friendship on the line, all because I was afraid to let him out of my life. Charlie now lives with my sister where I grew up. He has a big back yard and lives with 3 children and another dog. He plays fetch everyday after work. And while I know he’s better off there, I still miss him tremendously.

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