Kitchen Problems and the Products that Solve Them

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll actually use it, which makes eating healthy and cheap much easier. Below, we outline three common kitchen problems and the products (or lack thereof) that can help you solve them.


Cluttered Counters

It’s almost impossible to keep your kitchen clean if there’s always stuff cluttering the counters. The easiest solution is to put all that stuff away somewhere, so make sure there’s a place for everything in your cabinets. Even if you think your cupboards are already packed, there’s probably plenty of vertical space you can take advantage of.


Double Turntable

This two-tier lazy Susan is a great storage solution for crowded cabinets, making efficient use of both depth and height.
$9.99 from the Container Store


Wire Mesh Stacking Shelves

Give yourself an extra layer of storage space with these handy shelves, which help make use of vertical cabinet space.
$5.99-7.99 from the Container Store


No Storage Space

The solutions detailed above may seem useless if you have a tiny kitchen or simply weren’t provided with enough cupboard space to store all your things. This is where extra storage comes in handy. Getting something that is attractive enough to multitask in a different room is a good idea for smaller apartments.

Stornas Buffet


A classic sideboard that offers extra drawer and cabinet space you can use to store kitchen stuff you don’t need to have immediately at hand all the time. It’s also handy for storing other things, like board games and DVDs.
Starting at $399 from Ikea

4-Tier Shelving Unit

Adding some simple metal racks to your kitchen is an easy way to organize. If you don’t have space in the kitchen itself, these shelves do well as overflow storage in a garage or basement.
$67.99 from Amazon


Disorganized Drawers

If you can never find your can opener when you need it, but it always seems in the way while you’re looking for your spatula, you should probably invest in a drawer organizer to keep all your utensils in check.


OXO Expandable Utensil Organizer

Using this handy organizer, you can neatly store silverware and cooking utensils in one drawer.
$14.99 from Target


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