Keep Your Apartment Sanitary

Hopefully, you never need to deal with the problem of an apartment with an infestation. Although you can most likely have your landlord take care of the problem, both logistically and financially, there is not much good that can result from an infestation of pests, be they bugs, mice, or even koala bears.

Before you move into an apartment rental, you should ask your landlord if there has been any history of pest infestation and how it was handled. It is also not a bad idea to candidly inquire of current tenants whether there have been any problems with pests. For a more detailed list of questions you should ask your landlord during you apartment search, review our other apartment rental guide article, Questions to Ask Landlords.

If you have indeed reviewed our apartment rental guide and done your homework during your apartment search than you should be able to avoid moving into an apartment that does not currently have any infestation problems.

To keep it this way, the best thing that you can do as a renter is to keep your apartment clean. To prevent bugs and rodents, you will need to be proactive by making sure your kitchen is disinfected; wash dishes often, keep counters disinfected and take out the garbage regularly. If you need a little inspiration to get yourself and your roommates motivated for a big apartment cleaning, head over to the MyNewPlace Blog to check out our recommendations for Songs to Help you Clean Your Apartment.

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