Keep Your Sanity While Moving

Packing and unpacking all of your worldly possessions is usually the most stressful and bothersome part of moving. You may have thought that there was a method to your madness while packing, but the process of unpacking can make you feel like a total stranger threw all your belongings in boxes at random. Orderly packing can be the best way to avoid stressful unpacking, but it is impossible to turn back time if you missed this step to begin with. So how can you make the unpacking process easier?


A good first step in unpacking is to get your bare essentials set up. Get your bed in sleeping condition, even if you simply put your mattress on the floor with the bed frame pieces unassembled around the room. Set aside clothes for the next few days and piece together bookshelves and chests of drawers so you can actually use them. Think about ordering pizza, going out to eat, or focusing on a no-cook solution like sandwiches for the next couple of days so you can avoid kitchen clutter and dirty dishes. Taking care of these essentials will give less to stress about, allowing you time to focus on plowing through all those boxes.


After those basics are taken care of, start opening boxes and see what is inside. Arrange the boxes according to what part of the house they belong in and put on a favorite album, podcast, or audiobook and just start unloading those boxes. The boxes themselves take up space, so getting those out of the way will be surprisingly helpful. Getting rid of packing material is also going to be good for reducing clutter and starting to see your living space come together, so keep plenty of trash bags on hand to store or toss out all those packing peanuts and bubble wrap.


Once you get basic unpacking under control, you can start worrying about things like decor, but remember to take things one step at a time. Thinking of unpacking as a step-by-step process rather than one big picture can help you compartmentalize and keep things simple.

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