Jennifer Aniston Lives WHERE?! October Celebrity Housing Roundup

By MyNewPlace Celebrity Moving Expert and Dlogger, Leroy Brown

Wooooofsup readers! It’s been about a month since I last barked at you, and I have tons of celebrity updates. We’ve got tons to cover, so I’ll dive right in.

Couple Alert! Jennifer Aniston moved to New York with tasty treat Justin Theroux in tow

Though her hit show, Friends, took place in New York, Jennifer Aniston has until recently been living in the Los Angeles area. Earlier this year she packed up and headed out to the West Village with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. The apartment is the model of New York luxury and has four bedrooms and two floors with views of the Empire State Building and the Hudson River. Why so small when she could clearly afford a huge brownstone? Maybe they’re splitting the rent!

Not too shabby, eh?! But you know what IS shabby? The way her new MAN FRIEND looks in that earlier picture. However do not fret, dear readers – since he’s been dating an A-lister, his hotness level has gone WAAAAY up.


Alright, MOVING ON. Quickly here, people!

Oh Snap!  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are considering a place of their own in New York! Can we turn this into a headline!?

Brad Misses Jen, Considers Moving Into New York Apartment To Keep An Eye On Her New Man

In a move that’s sure to please tabloids, it looks like Pitt and Jolie are also headed to the West Village, where we already established Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston currently resides. Many artists, actors and musicians are drawn to this neighborhood because of its friendly vibe and artistic residents (seriously, who DOESN’T live there?). There are plenty of people in the West Village, so if Pitt and Jolie do move there, they probably won’t run into Aniston too often, but there will surely be more confrontations than there were when the couple and the ex lived on opposite sides of the country. Oh, the DRAMA!

And speaking of EX FRIENDS (see what I did there? Heyooo!),

Matthew Perry has three homes for sale in the LA area

Chandler Bing is moving elsewhere! Matthew Perry has just listed his third Los Angeles area home for sale. He put his apartment up for sale in August of this year, followed by his Malibu home in the beginning of October and his main LA residence in the middle of the same month. It looks like he’s trying to liquidate some assets, as each of these homes comes with a hefty price tag. The apartment is going for nearly $3 million, the beach house for $13.5 million and his ultra-modern home, which is pictured above, is on sale for the price of $5.7 million. It’s not certain whether Perry intends to move out of LA once he sells his houses – is he officially out of money? Is it even POSSIBLE that Friends royalties could ever dry up? Probably not…?

Jennifer Aniston was clearly the most successful Friend, followed by Courteney Cox then…. Matthew Perry? I am torn between the rest of them.

Avril Lavigne is selling her Bel-Air mansion

(Does anybody care who Avril Lavigne is anymore? Didn’t think so! Not even going to bother finishing this one!)

Kirstie Alley is selling her home in Maine

And from the TOTALLY RANDOM CELEBRITY WHAT?? department, Kirstie Alley used to live in Maine. SERIOUSLY?! This surprises me all the way down to the white tip of my brown tail! Here’s another pic of this absolutely gorgeous place that you can snap up for less than 2 mil.

BEAUTIFUL! Regardless, the on-again-off-again Fat Actress is unloading it. Perhaps because of the several upcoming LA-based projects she has lined up? Does my keen keen nose smell a career renaissance?!

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