Is It Time to Move?

Deciding When It’s Time

Sometimes, it’s clear that you need to move. For example, you may need to relocate because of a new job, or an unexpected layoff may prompt you to break your lease and move in with a friend so you can save money on rent. But many times, people who start looking for a new apartment don’t have a compelling reason for doing so. Instead, it’s a matter of considering the factors that suggest it may be time to go, and then decide whether it makes sense to move or stay put.

Feeling cramped


One common factor is the size of your current apartment relative to your needs. It’s possible that when you first moved into your rental, it seemed as if you had all the space you could possibly want. Of course, your apartment hasn’t grown any smaller since then. But you may have accumulated more furniture or belongings, or perhaps you now share your place with a significant other, and both of you feel you can benefit from a larger apartment.

Getting on your nerves


Even if you still like your apartment as much as before, external factors may influence you to consider looking for new digs. For example, you might be at the end of your rope when it comes to dealing with a non-responsive landlord or resolving issues with a certain annoying neighbor.

Moving up in the world


Or, a new job you started after you signed your lease might require a long or unpleasant commute. It’s also possible that you were new to your city when you found your current apartment, and you’ve since discovered a neighborhood that you think would be perfect to live in.

Time for a change!

To help apartment dwellers like you decide if it’s time to move, I put together a list of the top reasons behind renters’ decisions to start a new apartment search. Take a look to see if any of them appear familiar to you.

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