Instagram IT!

All savvy Instagram-ers will agree that life could never be more picture perfect than when viewed through an Earlybird or Walden filter. Instantaneously turn your routine bike ride to work into a masterpiece with Valencia. Spice up your lunchtime meal with Sutro.

Luckily for us, summer holiday is here! So many days of great weather ahead of us. So many beautiful tropical far away vacation spots. So many great opportunities to travel and sample delicious treats. So many images to scroll through on your Instagram feed!

Here are seven Instagram snapshots that you’re guaranteed to come across (almost daily) this summer:

1. Beaches:

instagram sand castle

Summers oftentimes become synonymous with going to the beach. As you admire the infinite stretches of sand and ocean water, why not snap a picture of your sandcastle, flip flops, pedicured toes, jellyfish, seaweed, rocks, etc?

2. Weather:

Husky glowing sunrise? Overcast morning? Smoldering afternoon? Brilliant sunset palette? As the postcard worthy weather will be ever enhanced by the flurry of filters, you can bet that the weather will be documented all throughout the day.

3. Pets:

instagram dog

The perfect way to garner a ton of new followers is to upload images of cute animals. Fluffy dogs in cute outfits, lazy kittens lounging by the pool, any and all animals are the perfect subjects of photos.

4. City landmarks:

You and friends who are lucky enough to travel will also be sure to document every minute of your encounters. Buildings, monuments, and statues from big cities from all around the world will be the subject of every other photo on your feed.

5. Music festivals:
instagram edc

Blurry arena concert and midnight rave pictures are popular at all other times of the year. But with the great summer weather, summer music festivals are all the rage, and you can document perfect party outfits and memorable nights.

6. Selfies:

After spending the spring working off that winter weight and toning your body for summer, who can resist taking a few (dozen) pictures of their floral summer wardrobe and new beach bod?

7. Food:

instagram food

Instagram may have been secretly invented for food photography, so it’s no surprise that countless meals are bound to show up as you scroll down your photo feed. With people documenting every meal of the day on Instagram, expect to see some mouthwatering dishes that make you jealous (and hungry at the same time).

What types of photos do you see the most of on Instagram? What photos do you think are Instagram worthy for summer 2013? Share with us on Facebook!

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