Immediate Flowers from April Showers, or Making Flowers Inside While It’s Raining Out

It is safe to say that you are really excited it’s spring. At long last, the air is warming, the trees are budding, and you can expose lots of skin in the park without being labeled a sex offender. Let’s say you make great outdoor plans for the weekend—a picnic! A bike ride! A Vitamin D marathon! …And then, dang it, it rains! You can still bring the feel of spring home, if you start crafting your own beautiful flowers:


Stickers and cupcake bouquet


Why make one flower when you can make a bouquet? This easy strategy from Martha Stewart uses flower stickers and muffin tin liners to make an everlastingly perky bunch of fleur. Choose what colors you like best—or be limited by what the baking department of your local grocery store keeps in stock.


Make a giant flower


Most artificial flowers more or less imitate real flowers, at least in terms of size. Not so with this awesomely huge fake flower; the model can practically hide behind that, although we do realize that with models, that’s not saying much. I would love to walk around in a forest of these guys (did I hear someone say Burning Man?).


Dipped flowers


These bad girls are more durable than your average artificial flower, having the advantage of being made from metal. They’re quite modern, but not for the faint of crafting heart, as they require an annoying amount of specialized craft gear.




There are about a million ways to make a flower garland; you can find several of them here. Cheat and buy fake flowers, and then string them together. Or make them all from little bits of paper. Or string real flowers into a temporary garland. Or…


Super girly sheer flowers


You might say that ALL flowers are girly. I direct you to your local sunflower farmer, who may or may not be a bulky and dirty, hormone-laden dude. Let me know. Anyway, these flowers are particularly girly thanks to the combination of pink, sheer, and polka-dotted fabric. Of course, you could always choose different fabric. I like them because they’re elegant and versatile; the site suggests uses varying from headbands to brooches.




I love paper tulips because they’re probably the most authentic-looking flower you can make at home. This How-To goes so far as to “plant” them in miniature pots! You needn’t go that far, but either way, these tulips will last long after the ones in your garden have dried.


Edible flower


The most delicious flower of them all—well, the ONLY delicious flower on this particular list. Learn how to make a flower out of icing, and make your next batch of cupcakes into a veritable field of blooms. As a bonus, all that extra work will make you think twice before scarfing down 4 of them.


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