Ikea Gone Wild: Two Great Resources For Freshening Up Ikea Basics for Summer

Spring cleaning have you in the mood to rejuvenate your apartment? Thanks to two amazing web resources catering specifically to Ikea furniture owners, with a bit of planning and just a bit of cash you can transform your Ikea world and make it just how you like it.

The first site is called Mykea. It’s for decorating your Ikea goods. You can select from a variety of predesigned patterns to stick on your cookie-cutter coffee table, wardrobe, bookcase, or dresser. The patterns aren’t the cheapest, running around $100, but a wisely chosen piece could add a great dose of color that transforms a room. For example, check out this design.

You can request it custom-made for any of the Ikea pieces listed; here’s what it would look like on an Expedite bookcase:

You can also make a statement with graphic art on your Ikea furniture. To do so, pick out this hip “Owl With Headphones” design, pictured here on a Pax wardrobe:

This runs over $200, which isn’t exactly budget. But, if you’re looking for a conversation piece for your apartment, well, with a design like this, you’ve got it.

The second website I want to share with you is a little more nerdy 🙂 It’s called Ikeahackers, and it’s full of insight on tweaking your Ikea stuff to overachieve, plus minimalist room-makeover ideas that are very useful.

For example, one person submitted a story of how they put cushions and a “plinth” on top of a shoe rack to turn it into a hall bench.

Another shared her secret making-over of her boyfriend’s apartment while he was away, a bold move—but this bold Ikea hacker, Denise, had pretty smart ideas, like changing the look of the shelves by covering them in matching contact paper, and using curtains to section off parts of the apartment.

[I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the 20 rolls of contact paper she said she bought was cheaper than the Ikea art from Mykea ;)]

Then there is the spray-glue technique you can use to glue any paper you like onto Ikea furniture, like this person did.

You can turn $8 flower pots into modern-looking lamps…

…or turn shelves into a really awesome desk.

What’s my favorite part about both of these sites is that they’re open-source. So if you have your own brilliant design you can sell it on Mykea, or share your ingenious hack on Ikeahackers.net.

I’ll leave you with a final tip of my own: I’d especially recommend the Ikeahackers site for minimalist, eco-friendly design tips… because even if your furniture isn’t from Ikea, you can still use the site to help you reimagine how to use it.

Have fun and happy decorating!

Have your own uniquely hacked furniture? Ikea or no, we LOVE pictures! Tell us about it or upload a photo on our Facebook page.

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