I Ruff Riving Here! Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Life

Okay, you’ve been tricked. We can’t give you the “three best dog breeds” for your place (well, we COULD, but it’d be a lie, and anyway I prefer mutts myself). There are tons of breeds that can live comfortably in an apartment—which one is best for you really depends on what you’re looking for in a pet.


Some people just can’t picture a large dog in a small apartment, for the dog’s sake. Or maybe you just have limited space and don’t want to be tripping over him constantly. (Very hard to walk your dog with a broken ankle.) Figure out what is the maximum size you’d be comfortable with.


Not just how much energy can you handle—how much energy can you take responsibility for? Are you willing to jog every day? Or would you prefer that your pet run circles around your feet a few times before burning out? Remember, some breeds are more energetic, but energy levels also vary a huge amount between different individuals of the same breed.


Some people, upon meeting a yappy dog, have the desire to punt said dog. If that thought horrifies you, you might be fine with a friskily verbal Fido. If that impulse rings a bell, steer clear of the yappers.


Do you need a guard dog? Are you willing to train that dog not to bite every grandma coming knocking on the door for a cup of sugar?


If you don’t want to fight with landlords about which kind of dog you can keep in your apartment, don’t get a pit bull. The sad truth is that they’re discriminated against—even the cute ones like our very own Dlogger. Then again, if you’re looking for a crusade, have at it.


If you or someone who spends a lot of time at your house has allergies, opt for the hypoallergenic pooch. Glory in the fact that even our allergic generation can still have a loving pet to snuggle with.

For more info on specific breeds, check out the top 50 most popular apartment dogs, the best dog breeds for apartments, and the top 10 dogs for lazy owners.

In the end, you may want to rescue a dog, or just choose a mutt from the pound. All these considerations still come into effect, even if you’re not going with a particular “breed.” And remember, every dog is different! So get to know the personality behind that poochy face before you commit yourself.

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