How To Maximize Your Outdoor Space

You finally have a backyard! Hurrah! But what do to about the fact that it’s smaller than an ant’s bathroom? Luckily, there are several ways you can organize your space so that you can get the most out of your square foot(age).

Decide on your key component(s)

What is the most important thing you want from your outdoor space—a place to eat dinner in the summer? A swing? Shade? A garden? A hot tub? Before you go about designing, you need to know both what structures must be incorporated and how you want the space to feel. Prioritize the items on your list of ideals in case they don’t all fit.

Keep it simple and consistent

Don’t try to do too much—you’re not going to have every element of every garden you’ve ever thought beautiful. Keep in mind your overall goal, and choose structures and plants that don’t compete aesthetically. Always opt for clean lines, and not too many colors, unless you’re sure you want an explosion of various hues.

Create a focal point

A big space needs to be separated into manageable sections; a small space needs to have a focal point around which everything is organized. This point could be the door into your house—especially pleasing if it’s the front door—or it could be a patio or a portion of garden. Define the boundaries of the space with walls or rows of foliage. Think about blending various plants together so that they appear contiguous from a distance.

Cover the basics

Have you considered safety? This could mean anything, from a place to sunbathe without leering neighbors to a smooth, flat walkway to a lockable gate. What about light? There are all kinds of solar and LED lighting for outdoor spaces. Can you access all areas of your yard easily? The last thing you want is to be annoyed while trying to enjoy the sunset.

Bottom line: plan. Unless you want a jungle-like look, you need to outline what you want your space to be, and how to get it there. What have you used to make the most of your space?  Tell us here or on Facebook!

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