How to Make a Small Apartment SEEM Bigger

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Sometimes you don’t need much space. Other times you can’t afford much space. And then there are times you’ve outgrown your current space, and you still have to live there. Whatever your reasons for a small apartment, you may be feeling claustrophobic. No worries! You can make a small space feel bigger with some tips and tricks. And don’t forget, if your place is too small it never hurts to shop around for a new one!


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The lighter a space is, the bigger it feels. That means light colors on the walls, light floor coverings, and natural light are all important.  When you’re feeling those extra ten pounds, you don black, right? Well, you want to do the reverse in your apartment. Use light colors because they visually expand the space.


Floor space is critical in a small apartment. The more floor you can see, the bigger the place feels. While you likely need the furniture you currently have, it is possible that if you rearranged it you could open up some floor space. Experiment with moving items to different walls and configurations to see if you can create more space. Often just rearranging the furniture makes a space feel completely different.


Use similar colors throughout your place. You may not want to paint your place the same color from one end to another. But if you use the same color scheme all the way through—making use of different shades and patterns—you will increase the feel of the space. Switching color schemes from room to room chops up the space.

When you hang curtains and drapes, choose window coverings that match the wall rather than contrast it. This gives the space a seamless look, which psychologically increases space.


Go through your apartment and clear clutter. Anything that does not have a home needs one asap. Hang key racks, hooks for coats, shelves for items to take with you on your next errands, and cubbies for shoes no one is wearing at the moment. Storage ottomans help clear items out of sight in living areas while increasing seating.

Take it up

Anything that can be hung should be. Opt for shelves on the wall for books rather than standing bookcases, which take up valuable floor space. Don’t lean artwork against the wall as it perches on a table or desk, hang it up.

Strategically chose furnishing

Furniture on raised legs creates open space as opposed to pieces that sit on the floor. If you are furnishing your place or are in a position to swap out pieces, opt for chairs, sofas, and tables with legs to increase open space, which makes you feel as though the place is bigger.


Simple designs work better in small space than more intricate ones. Ruffles and detailed décor will emphasize the diminutive quality of your apartment. More Spartan, minimalist furnishings will give your space a streamlined look, which increases the feel of the space.

Small apartments can be cozy and perfect. With some tweaks and adjustments, they can feel massive without the gut punch to your budget of a genuinely large space. Try these tips to increase the usable space and make your apartment feel larger.


Written by MyNewPlace guest author, Alicia Walker.

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