How to Clean Your Bathroom

This essential life skill isn’t exactly taught in high school or college, and it’s a sad thing, too; I’ve lived with far too many people who don’t know how to thoroughly clean a bathroom. Save your roommate relationship, and don’t forget the following:

 Choose the right cleaning products for your apartment


-Gloves (don’t use these for anything except bathroom cleaning!)

-A sponge

-A soft cloth or paper towel

-A bucket (or in a pinch, a clean yogurt container that only lives in the bathroom)

-Cleaning solutions (you can buy a super-chemically solution, or you can make your own cleaning solution with baking soda, ammonia or vinegar, and water; if using ammonia, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated!)

-Toilet brush

-Spray bottle (optional)

 bathroom cleaning tricks for your home

Great! Now it’s time to clean:


Sink & countertop

Pretty simple—just wipe down the sink basin and countertops with the cleaning solution. If you’re using a store-bought cleaner, rinse it off afterwards.

 Clean your mirrors to give your apartment that extra shine!


If you have a way to spray vinegar or ammonia solution straight onto the mirror, great. If not, you can dip into the bucket and wipe it down, and then clear any streaks by drying it with a soft cloth

Shower & tub

Your shower is where you get clean, but the shower itself doesn’t stay clean. It needs to be wiped down to keep away mildew, soap scum, mineral deposits, and, ahem, foot fungus. If your bathtub is porcelain, do NOT use an abrasive cleaner on it; you’ll strip the protective layer, which will later result in the skin being stripped from your bum. Don’t forget to clean your shower curtain, either!

how to keep your toilet clean in your apartment


Let some cleaning solution sit in the toilet bowl for about five minutes, then scrub it out with the toilet brush and flush. Wipe down all surfaces of the toilet until sparkling—that includes the rim, both sides of the seat, and around the hinges. I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so I tend to do this task with disposable paper towels; at the very least, don’t reuse a sponge or cloth for any other purpose unless it’s been washed.


Empty the trash and replace the trash liner. Pick up any items floating around the bathroom that don’t really belong there.

 Clean your floor well to make your rental look its best!


Sweep and then mop the floor. Don’t skimp on the corners. Throw the bath mat into the laundry while you’re at it.

Handles & knobs

Lots of people forget to wipe down doorknobs and sink, shower, and toilet handles. Remember, dirty hands touch them all the time! Make sure to disinfect them occasionally.


Think this sounds arduous? You can clean in under 4 minutes!


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