How to Baby-Proof Your Apartment

If you’ve just had a baby you’ll want to make sure to baby proof your apartment before your child becomes mobile. There are lots of things to keep in mind when you’re baby proofing an apartment. Here are some of the big ones.


Keeping doors shut will help keep babies and toddlers out of trouble. Toddlers who know how to use door knobs can be kept out of certain rooms by slipping toddler-proof locks onto the knobs. These devices make it difficult to open a door so that a toddler cannot go into the room without the help of an adult.


If you live in an apartment, securing the windows is an essential part of baby proofing your place. You’ll want to make sure that the windows cannot be easily opened and that there are sturdy bars on the outside of the windows so that a toddler who does open a window does not fall out. Apartment renters who live on upper floors and on the ground floor should all watch out for this because a fall of only a few feet can seriously injure a young child.


All the cabinets in the apartment should be fitted with toddler-proof locks. These prevent babies and toddlers from opening cabinet doors and messing with the things inside the cabinets. Basic versions of these locks involve a lever that can be manipulated so that the cabinet can be opened. Toddlers can, however learn to work these locks in time. Better locks are magnetically sealed from the inside and can only be opened by using a special device. Keeping this device out of reach of the toddler can improve the security of the toddler locks.

Cleaning Supplies

The cabinet under the sink is the traditional place where hazardous chemicals are kept. Unfortunately, floor-level cabinets are the easiest for babies to get into. You’ll want to move your hazardous chemicals into cabinets that are far out of reach of the young child, even if you use toddler locks on your cabinet doors.


All the outlets in the house should be plugged up with outlet covers that cannot be pried out by the baby. These are a vital part of baby proofing your apartment because an young child can be seriously injured or killed if she places a foreign object into the outlet.

Toy Boxes

Many parents keep a baby’s toys in a toy box. These make great storage spaces but can slam shut on a baby, causing serious injury. Make sure that the hinges on the toy box do not allow the box to slam shut unexpectedly.


Electronic devices should be kept out of reach of babies and toddlers. The current moving through the wires can cause deadly electric shocks and these devices are often quite heavy. Rooms that house electronic devices should be blocked off unless a child is supervised while in the room.

Heavy Objects

Make sure heavy objects are secured so that a baby cannot pull them down on top of herself. Televisions, large books, pictures and lamps should be kept in places that are out of reach or strapped to the walls so that they will not fall.

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