Hooping It Up: Hosting a March Madness Bash

Are you a rabid basketball fan? Maybe you’re just one of those people who can’t avoid showing off your exceptional party-throwing skills (don’t be ashamed; the world needs more of you). If you happen to be both, you’re rare enough that you might also be a unicorn, and your favorite month of the year is approaching. With so many games packed into the calendar, you have ample time to indulge in your fanaticism for shooting hoops and entertaining friends. Check out this article to learn the components of hosting a memorable Madness bash at home.



While it’s easy to shoot your friends a quick “Hey, come watch the game” text, you’ll create anticipation for the gathering if you mail out actual paper invitations. One fun idea is to send out party details printed on bracket sheets that your friends can fill beforehand and bring along. When you’re considering whom to invite over, be sure you get a good mixture of buddies who cheer for rival teams. A little polarization will create a much more intense, entertaining atmosphere. Be sure whatever you send reminds people that they have to show up in their team’s colors, too.



Don’t even think about hosting a March Madness party without themed decorations. This is where you have the opportunity to create a fun sense of rivalry between guests by only putting out decorations, like traditional streamers and cutlery, in your team’s colors (or have items in both teams’ colors, because die-hard friends might prefer to starve than eat off rival colors). Decorate with kids’ basketball hoops and inflatable rubber “basketballs” so everyone can shoot hoops indoors when there’s a lull between games.


Culinary Creations

Have you ever been in the bleachers at a game and gotten beer, popcorn, and a little sweat spilled on you? Sporting events are not known for cleanliness, so keep this in mind when you decide what food to serve. Offer treats that are portable and easily vacuumed up after your friends have stomped them into your carpet. Luckily, ball-shaped foods will work well and play into your theme. Think barbecue meatballs, buffalo chicken bites, fruit, cheese and crackers, and sushi rolls. Cupcakes and cookies frosted with your team’s jersey colors (or to resemble basketballs) are perfect for dessert.



You don’t want the frenzy to fade between games. Separate friends into two teams based on whom they’re rooting for, then have each team quiz the other on trivia for the quizzed group’s team. Make sure you have a basketball-themed playlist queued up to play classic hoop tunes like Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” and Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” for a real old-school treat. When you notice that things are looking messy, go around the room with a garbage bag and ask your guests to slam-dunk some of their trash into it. You might momentarily feel like a flight attendant, but it will get a laugh and you’ll reduce cleanup tasks after everyone leaves.


Now that you know the components for hosting a successful March Madness party, it’s time to start thinking about picking a date and sending out invitations. Get ready to throw your bash! Or maybe a few, since the madness lasts all month long.


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