Heart Healthy: Ways to Work Out at Home


In Colorado Springs, where love of any and all things outdoors is endemic to local life, there is no shortage of adventurous places to explore for fitness and exercise. Rock climbing is perhaps the signature recreation and fitness activity in the area. You will find plenty of natural land features and indoor walls and gyms dedicated specifically to this recreational pursuit. But perhaps you find yourself wanting to have a more well-rounded workout for much less cost than a (rock climbing) gym membership typically offers. Purchasing affordable equipment for a home gym is becoming easier to do, and it involves using much less space than you might think. Here, we give you a list of five items that you can place or, in some cases, install in your home. These are both affordable and time-saving solutions for staying fit!

A Pull-Up Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Price: ~$35

Pull-up bars are designed to help you build your upper body strength. Depending on how many features you want, a bar can cost anywhere from $15-$150. And depending on the design, you can install it at the top of a doorframe or as a wall or ceiling mount.

Image by: familymwr

Image by: familymwr


Black Mountain Therapy Exercise Bands

Price: ~$20

Thera-Bands are a great accompaniment to the pull-up bar because you can use them to work your “pull” muscles—your back and shoulders—while the pull-up bar works your “push” muscles—namely, your chest and arms. These resistance bands can be tied to most heavy and stationary things for both upper and lower body workouts. There are many stores in the Westminster and Lakewood areas and a few in Southeast that sell Thera-Bands. Another good place to check is your local REI.

Image by isapisa

Image by: Isapisa


BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

Price: ~$140

These are rubbery, half-circle balls that are flat on one end and which you use for balance and core strengthening. They usually don’t cost more than $100 and can be easily stored in a nook or lie against a wall when you are not using it.

Image by: Beverly & Pack

Image by: Beverly & Pack

A Jump Rope

Double Unders Jump Rope

Price: ~$10

This is one of the most basic and affordable items that you can purchase to help get your heart pumping. Take it outdoors to Palmer or Mountain Valley Park to get some fresh air and a fresh kick before you start your hike, bike trip, or climbing adventure!

A Yoga Mat

Yogitoes Skidless

Price: ~$50

This is the perfect item to supplement or contrast with power and strength-focused equipment for your rock climbing forays and home workouts. Use it for Pilates or just simple rest, stretching, and meditation!

Once you build your home gym with all of these affordable basics, all you need is the motivation to use it! If you live in the central area of Colorado Springs near one of the parks, bring your portable equipment, meet a friend, and take it outdoors for some circuits. Being around other people is a great way to get you started and keep you going at home!


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