Have Fun While Living Alone

On the one hand, you’re one of the few single people in the country who can afford to have their own place. Good for you! On the other hand….it can be lonely, boring, and creepy as all get-out.


Listen to your most embarrassing music

justin bieber baby music embarrasing

As much as I love my guy roommate, it will take months of getting comfortable with each other before I blast Taylor Swift while he’s home. And I’m NEVER gonna play more than one T-Swift song in a row when my boyfriend’s around. So, if you’re having trouble remembering the perks of living by yourself, play whatever music you want, and then imagine someone witnessing that. Aren’t you happier this way?


And while you’re at it…


Dance naked! Or at least semi-naked. It’s super fun, not actually that cold, and sadly not 100% socially acceptable outside of Europe. Now…dance naked to the Spice Girls and you’ll really remember why it’s good you’re living alone.


Cook alone

cook alone

It might sound a bit sad at first, but when I lived alone, I loved cooking for myself. I’d make literally whatever I wanted; turn up the radio; have a glass of wine while waiting for the food to be done. And then I’d have leftovers that no one would try to steal. Cooking by yourself can be enormously satisfying, especially for new cooks who fear their roommates’ judging eyes!


Adopt a totally obnoxious pet


It’s really the only time where that’s an acceptable choice. Ideally, this pet will be old and feeble, in case you decide to live with someone civilized in the future.


You could always…

Pretend that you’re still 17 and your parents have left you alone with the house. But I wouldn’t recommend it; my research indicates that 17 year olds who are left alone don’t have a lot of middle ground between “do nothing and die of boredom/overeating” and “throw another rager that destroys the house.”


Remember what YOU like to do

What would you do if you could do whatever you wanted? That time officially starts now, although we suggest you keep up with the dishes, too. Some people get increasingly strange, running in place during TV advertisements, or talking to themselves in French during breakfast. If you’re worried you’ll turn into a crazy cat lady, just remember that all those quirks are really YOU, and if you end up living with someone again, you might be glad you had some time to express them.


Embrace the boredom

boredom tv laptop

Now that you have plenty of ideas for escaping the boredom, why not embrace it? I myself have a boredom phobia, but if I’m honest, I do cool stuff when I’m bored—I read books I might not otherwise, I write, I craft, I go on walks. See what inner creativity exists when you make space for it. Just don’t turn on the TV every time you’re unsure about what to do with yourself.


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