Halloween Decorations On The Cheap: We Can’t All Be Heidi Klum!

Anybody who has spent even a trivial amount of time reading celebrity gossip probably knows that Heidi Klum rules Halloween. Many women (celebrity or otherwise) tend to think of a random concept, tack ‘sexy’ on the front, and voila! ‘sexy ax murderer’ is a Halloween costume! Paris Hilton unsurprisingly is extremely guilty of this sort of costume selection. I can’t in good faith put up any links to her past get-ups here (this is a FAMILY BLOG, people!) but I can assure you that they can aaaaallll be found on Google in about 2.5 seconds. Go to town!

Heidi Klum, on the other hand, goes for ‘Hands-down-most-elaborate-and-flat-out-AWESOME’. Sometimes the result is sexy –

and sometimes it is not – but her costumes are ALWAYS incredible. Heidi annually hosts a celebrity-packed Halloween party at a LA nightclub (last year it was Voyeur).

The Halloween decorations at Voyeur – which is already fairly ‘gothic’ inside – were probably off the hook! However, those of us with somewhat more limited resources can still make some pretty awesome Halloween decorations without breaking the bank.

Hosting a Halloween-themed party gives you a unique opportunity to go a little crazy – not just with your costume – but with the decorations. Do not underestimate the value of a darkened room lit only with jack-o-lanterns and maybe some white Christmas lights lining the intersection between the wall floor.

Tea lights in old jars work well, also; they tend to diffuse light in all sorts of spooky ways.

Dead tree branches and dead leaves can really add some atmosphere or make a good centerpiece – just don’t get them too close to an open flame! Better yet, paint the tree branches black so they look even spookier. The more I think about all of these decorations combined, the more I say we are shaping up for a ‘Ghostly Wedding Halloween Party’. Both spooky – and beautiful!

Have kids? When I was little my mother dragged home several refrigerator boxes and a ton of extra cardboard. We painted them all black and arranged them all into a haunted house shape with several spooky rooms. Ghost-shaped doorways and windows, as well as fake cob-webs and cardboard castle-like ramparts completed the picture. Mom gave us glow-in-the dark paints and we went to town inside! We kept that damn thing up for like 6 months, that’s how much we loved it! Total cost? Probably $15.


Just shortly before press time, here’s a sneak-peak of Heidi’s 2010 costume, designed by the same dude who designed the Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings:

What are you guys being for Halloween? Sadly, this is something that I think about all year…but I am still deciding. Thoughts!?

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