Green Renting — Anyone Can Do It!

We loved’s article on ways you can live a more eco-friendly life while renting, i.e. when you can’t just install solar panels on the roof. Here’s our breakdown, for those of you who like it quick and dirty:


-Programmable thermostat

-Light dimmers or sensors

-CFL or LED lightbulbs

-Low-flow showerhead

-Dual-flush convertor for your toilet

-Weather stripping around your windows and doors


-Your landlord to turn down maximum hot water temperature to 120 degrees

-Your power company if they have a green energy option or program


-Start using power strips—and turning them off

-Seal over existing paint so it stops emitting toxic fumes (yeah, that happens)

-Make a water-displacer for your toilet so you use less when you flush

Make a habit of:

-Opening your windows regularly for fresh air

-Using your window coverings to regulate temperature

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