Google+ Opens For Companies And Brands: A Breakdown For Multifamily Social & SEO

Earlier this year, Google announced its (Facebook competitor) social sharing site, Google+. It has been  a long time coming, but finally the Google+ profile platform is available for companies, brands, and everybody else. To get a little background info on Google+, please read our earlier article, Google+ For Multifamily: What You Need To Know. To reiterate briefly, “Google+ can be used by anyone with a Google account. It allows for a profile to be set up, with pictures and links, with an interface similar to that used by the latest version of Facebook. Once the Google+ account is set up, updates, advertisements and notes can be shared with the people in the account-holder’s network.”

While it remains to be seen whether or not Google+ will be able to compete directly with Facebook or even last into 2012 (after their initial mass-joining, their momentum seems to have decreased by quite a bit), for the time being we are joining the bandwagon. Why should you join us?

1. SEO

As TechCrunch posted on Monday, “is a lot like Facebook Pages, but there’s one major difference: Google is baking some elements of Google+ Pages deep into its bread-and-butter search product.” Simply put, as we’ve always suspected with Facebook and Twitter, social affirmations (or Plus 1’s in this case) might very well be directly correlated with search results.

2. Direct Connect

Advanced Google queries have allowed a ‘+’ for years, to add a specific term to search results. However, now it seems that an individual searching can add +MyNewPlace or +Muppets (etc) into their search window, which will immediately add these terms to their Circles. This means they will receive updates and information in their individual news feeds automatically. This feature seems a bit comparable to a Twitter instant follow. Enabling this feature requires linking your Google+ page to your home page – Google+ will walk you through the process once you create your page.

3. Another Social Sharing Platform

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube seem to have staying power…MySpace…not so much. If Google+ does stick around, its enhanced SEO and consumer-connect aspects seem worth the early investment. Those of us who have been paying attention to social media for the last decade or so have learned that early adopters often experience greater success than those late to the party. It takes a minimal investment to get involved now, giving it a chance seems worthwhile.

Questions? Comments? Doubts? We’d love to hear from you – here, or on our Google+ page 😉

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