Getting To Know Your New City

It can be hard to get used to life in a new town. While staying home every day can be tempting, especially with stacks of unpacked boxes and decorating to do, it is important to resist the nesting impulse. Having fun and seeing what is around you is the best way for you to shake off the relocation blues and start to feel at home. After weeks of planning and executing a move, you deserve to get out and have fun and here’s how to do it:


Read Up

Most city’s have published guide books and these are a great place to start. Not only will they give you the basic hot spots; but they should also shed some light on the cities history. Also, remember that the internet has great resources too!


See The Outdoors

Exercise and fresh air are great cures for the uncertainty and stress that can come along with moving to an unknown area. Even if you are not exactly an athlete, seeing the beautiful natural scenery is a great way to develop affection for your new home. Plus, getting an early jump on establishing an active lifestyle can save a lot of headaches in establishing an exercise routine down the road. Look for parks, trails, swimming holes and bike paths.


Drive Around

A great way to experience a lot of a city in a short period is to go for a drive. It’s simple, but it’s effective.


Go Out on the Town

And the best thing you can do to really get to know your new city is to go out and enjoy it! Check out Yelp for reviews, find a bar that suits your style and go make friends. …What are you waiting for – GO!


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