How To Get Better Sleep In Your Apartment

Avoid caffeine, don’t take a nap to close to bed time, cut back on the liquids… blah blah blah.


Yeah, we’ve all heard these mostly commonsense cures for insomnia, but what else can we be doing to improve the quality of sleep that we achieve in our apartment? And more importantly, are these new-age techniques for better sleep just wives-tales, or is there science to back them?


Turn Off The Devices

Melatonin, a hormone that helps jump start your sleep cycle, is repressed by light. To help naturally promote the production of this hormone turn off the bright back-lit devices, pick up a good book, and turn on the warm glow of a lamp… If that doesn’t get you yawning I don’t know what will.


Expose Yourself

A great natural way to promote theĀ circadian rhythm is to get outside. That’s right, according to Virgil D. Wooten, MD, morning sunlight exposure actually helps enforce your sleep cycle. If you can’t get morning sunlight, there are alternatives like phototherapy that help some individuals.


Watch What You Eat

Russell Rosenderg, PHD and CEO of the National Sleep Foundation reported in this article of that there are in fact a number of food items that can rob you of a restful night. One of the worst foods being the Bacon Cheeseburger. Other High Protein/High Fat foods just just as bad too; this is because high fat/protein foods stimulate your digestive system, keeping your body awake so it can work through your meal. Something that can help: Milk and light carbohydrates (crackers). These both help produce tryptophan, which depending on who you talk to, is a chemical that helps with sleep.


Perfect Your Routine

Humans are creatures of habit, and according to, if you have the habit of working in bed, solving puzzles, or reading, you’re telling your body to do something other then sleep when you lay down for the night. Do your self a solid and take those activities to their designated area, and keep them there. This wont only help your sleep, it will also help your work life balance and that’s a really good thing.


Be Comfortable

Most importantly you need to feel comfortable in the place that you’re sleeping. If you don’t feel comfortable there’s no reason to wait – go find a new apartment. You canĀ find a place you love with What are you waiting for!?!

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