From Cool Idea to Real Company

Having never worked for a start-up at such an early stage before MyNewPlace, I realize that that there are certain things I've always taken for granted in my larger company environment….the fact that putting paper in the printer doesn't require a trip to Office Depot, separate men's and women's restrooms, heck, even having a company name and logo fall into the "taken for granted" bucket. There is a certain logical progression that takes place when building a company from scratch. We're just starting down the path, but here are the (key) milestones to date (please read with all of the sarcasm intended 😉 Yeah! We Have a Name Sometimes the cart has to come before the horse. Case in point, a company must have a name in order to be incorporated. However, coming up with a good, easy to remember consumer-friendly name takes some work. So, we incorporated as Multifamily Technology Solutions. Yes, not consumer friendly. Several weeks later, we came up with MyNewPlace. Of course, when you tell your friends you work at MyNewPlace, they say, "Oh! And what's your new company called?" "My New Place," you say again. "Yes, I know it's your new company, but what is it called?" (Shoulders slouch and head lowers dejectedly) "Multifamily Technology Solutions," you say. And Business Cards to Prove It Now that you have a name, you need to show it off. One way is to create company stationary. Now, in addition to name you need a logo. So, we got a logo (yes, that mouse-house thingy at the top left corner), and put it on business cards (and letterhead and matching envelopes and a web site)…. card_front.jpg card_back.jpg …Of course, now that we have all of this stuff with 607 Market Street Suite 400 on it, we're probably moving. Heh. And Best of All Tchotchkes With a name and logo, we can now create marketing stuff–like this 7 foot taller banner for apartment (that is, Multifamily) industry tradeshows: banner.jpg

Of course, now all we need is a product that renters and property owners can use. Details. Details.

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