Freshen Up Your Apartment Without Redecorating

Perhaps you want your home to reflect the feelings of spring—but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Maybe you feel like you’re living in a dank cave of winter darkness—but you don’t have a lot of time to remedy the situation. Possibly your personality possesses a contradictory mix of decorating addiction and utter laziness. Whatever your quandary, here are some ways to spruce up your apartment for spring, without actually redecorating.


Cut flowers


Quickest, easiest way to make it feel like spring in your house: bring on the flowers. Preferably, these are flowers you picked or cut yourself, as anyone can buy a bouquet at the supermarket in February. The bright colors offer a constant reminder that life has returned! And the smells will keep you smiling and energized. There’s nothing like waking up to the scent of lilac.


Other DIY air fresheners

 indoor air freshener

Nothing says springtime like the fresh scent of Febreze…NOT. While it’s great that you want to de-scent your home of heavy winter smells, consider doing it naturally, rather than spraying yourself into a lightheaded stupor. Cinnamon sticks, essential oils, vinegar, bath salts…there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to have spring smells wafting through your apartment in no time.


Change your lighting

 open curtains

There are two ways in which you can substantially change the lighting, and therefore the feel, of your home. The first is to swap out your lightbulbs; winter is darker, and requires higher wattage for more hours of the day. Try slightly dimmer and softer lighting instead, since you’re not going to need to turn on lights until after 8 anyway! Remember to keep those old bulbs for next fall.


The other way to light your apartment in appreciation of spring? Let in the sun. Wash those dingy windows! Keep the curtains open as long as there’s daylight. And if you have heavy, insulated drapes for keeping out the winter cold, consider switching them for lighter curtains that will help you wake up naturally with the warm spring sun.


Rearrange the furniture


Your apartment probably looks lovely to an outsider; it’s your perspective that needs some freshening. Try moving the furniture around a bit (we recommend scratch-free sliders, which will protect your floors and also make it much easier to move heavy objects). The new arrangement will—consciously or unconsciously—remind your brain that we’ve finally arrived in a new season.


Stash the winter stuff


It’s amazing what a difference you can make just by putting stuff away. Winter coats, into the bin! Winter boots, back of the closet! Away with the heavy drapes and 14 throw blankets (keep just a couple), the extra duvet, and the huge bag of potatoes that you’ve been using as comfort food! Actually, the potatoes you can keep for potato salad, but everything else that reminds you of winter should be stored away until it’s winter again. It’s just too depressing to lose your sundresses under a pile of huge sweaters!


What kind of decorating have you done with your apartment so far to let the sun shine in?  What more do you plan to do? Share your stories with us on Facebook! 

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