Five Reasons to be Friendly to Your Landlord

As a renter, one word will strike more fear into your heart than any other. No, not “appendectomy” or “cockroaches.” Try “landlord.” The name alone implies his sinister power over your living situation; however, there is no reason to cower in fear. Building a decent rapport with him by being responsive, paying rent on time, and going the extra mile to be kind is important. It will make your renting experience excellent and prepare you for future living situations. Read on to find out why.

Payment Pitfalls

Unforeseen expenses cropping up are just facts of life. Perhaps one of your pets needs surgery, or a car repair used your savings. Whatever the case, you may find yourself in financial hardship. When you have a friendly relationship with your landlord, asking for a week’s extension on your rent payment is easier, and he is much more likely to allow it, when the two of you have a relationship that promotes a level of trust.

Lease Lapse

Just as costs come up that make it harder to pay rent, life events happen that necessitate moving. When you have a convivial landlord-tenant relationship, negotiations about breaking your lease without him pursuing legal action are easier. If he already understands your life situation because of a previous conversation you may have shared, one very tough part of leaving will be behind you without trouble.

Image Credit: Editor B

Image Credit: Editor B

Maintenance Maladies

Perhaps you have been there: 4 a.m., and drops of water falling from your ceiling have kept you awake all night. You called the landlord about it the week before, and he promised he would have someone out to fix it, but you have seen neither hide nor hair of the repairman. While your landlord should have the leak patched regardless of how he feels about you, when he thinks of you favorably instead of ambivalently, he will be more apt to have your maintenance issues taken care of promptly.

Renter’s Resume

To landlords and property management companies, renting out living spaces is always business and rarely pleasure. These people treat your lease as a business decision, and you should too. Create a renter’s resume, similar to a work resume, that has relevant information about your rental history and references. Having a positive reference from your landlord solidifies your acceptance at a new place. Being cordial will help him remember you in a fond light (and share that information) when the new leasing office calls.

Secure Situation

Life in general is easier when you feel secure and comfortable in your living space. Knowing that you have your worries taken care of does wonders for your happiness. When you and your landlord are on great terms, your renting experience will not be a source of anxiety to distract you from the fun in life.

Send your landlord a nice card with your rent check, and take a genuine interest in how he is doing when you see him around. Reaping the benefits of becoming a great tenant will set you up for future success at your next rental and make life in your current place smoother. Now, if only someone would write an article like this for landlords…

How do you keep things peachy with your landlord or property manager?

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