Five (Low Calorie!) Meals with Summer Flavors

Your summer meals should never lack flare.  Whether you have a spicy or tangy preference, we offer a set of fresh, seasonal recipes that can be quickly prepared and slowly savored.  A healthy low calorie set of meals can be a great pick-me-up on a lazy summer afternoon!


Sesame Tuna with Spicy Slaw

This simple pepper and sesame seed combination is the perfect explosion of flavor for people who love variations of this ethnic sauces.  The fish is a healthy alternative to many other fattier meats and the Sriracha sauce give it the perfect kick!



Thai Pork Salad with Chilies and Mint

This fancy array of flavors can be achieved in a mere 25 minutes! The lime dressing is enriched with a savory umami flare, and along with the fresh mint leaves and crunchy roasted peanuts,  this crunchy and crispy salad is mouthwatering on a summer afternoon!


Gazpacho with Lime Chicken

This cool summer styled soup is refreshing and original because it is served cold.  To enhance the flavor of the chicken, you can substitute grilling with pan cooking to keep the meat tender. This brightly colored low-carb meal is topped off with a variety of veggies to make the crouton toppings just that little bit healthier!


Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avacado Salsa

The buttery texture of avocado gives this spicy cayenne coated chicken a contrast of soft and lively flavors. If you aren’t keen on the potent spicy cayenne taste, cumin and chili can be a milder alternative.  The flavors complement each other in unexpected ways, and is a popular BBQ favorite on a sweltering afternoon!


Mango Chicken Salad with Couscous

This recipe is an example of how homemade dressings can make all the difference.  The mango and lime juice are really inspired by the summer heat and offer a variety of sweet and salty complementary flavors all in the same plate!


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