Finding True Love: How MNP Can Help You Make the Perfect Match

Love, set, match. That is what you get when you use MyNewPlace to find your new home. If you’re going to spend your days and nights somewhere, you definitely want to love it. You want it to give you everything you need for comfortable living and then some–but still within your budget and your means. When you embark on that seemingly eternal search for the perfect place to call home, you want to have all resources by your side. And what luck–we have a way to give that to you.


Favored Favorites

Find an apartment you love using our site or our app? Don’t let the right one get away. Keep it locked in your very own “favorites” area to visit again and again while you make up your mind which apartment out of so many will become your soul mate. It’s always best to have choices before rushing into anything serious, so keep your choices handy and in mind. Remember, you’re the one in control of your commitments.

Love Notes

Love what you see? Well, don’t forget to write it down–or type it, as the case may be. Does your dream apartment accept pets? Are you able to sit poolside when the weather is warm? Is there a fitness center to get in shape right outside your front door? Do you need to travel down to a community laundry room, down the street to a laundromat, or can you wash your clothes right in your own abode? These are important things to consider when you’re looking for a life of luxury filled with love.


Find two (or three, or four) places you absolutely love, but can’t make up your mind? View their looks and features side by side so you can weigh the pros and cons of this one or that one. You love it? You love it not? When you have everything in one screen, it’s much easier to decide.

MNPContact Form

Making Contact

Someone always has to make the first move and it may as well be you. Take that brave step and make contact with the apartment of your dreams by using our system to ask questions of landlords and leasing managers. If several apartments tickle your fancy, take the bull by the horns and contact several at the same time. Remember, in any relationship, communication is key.

Second Opinions

Want to know what your friends think before making that ultimate commitment? Share your apartment choices on your favorite social media outlet. Tweet it, offer a Facebook link, or show it off on Google +. Your friends always have opinions and sometimes it’s best to listen before making a love match.

True love doesn’t come easy, whether the love is for a human or the love is for a brand new home to call your own. Let MyNewPlace make it easier with user-friendly features that make finding your perfect a piece of sweet cake.

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